UKIPT Day 2 - Having A Lie Down

UKIPT Day 2 - Having A Lie Down

Saturday, 13 February 2010

News from some chairs.

We're down to the final three tables, chat is at a minimum and few players are are in mortal peril.

Someone actively enjoying his short-ish status, though, is Gurdev Mullen, who is practically dribbling over the felt as he gets his head gently massaged. His stack of 180 will doubtless delight Sid Waddell and any other darts enthusiasts.

Justin Hasse also seems more laid back than before, taking the recline-ability of his sturdy chair to its logical conclusion. Rupinder Bedi is also approaching the horizontal, although he's also looking up at the ceiling with his hands clasped behind his head, wondering how he's sprayed a quarter of a million chips away to all points of the compass.

Chris Brammer has been the heaviest loser since the previous update, the main recipient of a 400 grand hole seemingly Michael Hill, who is now way over 600k.

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