UKIPT Day 2 - A Good Florist

UKIPT Day 2 - A Good Florist

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Stuff and happenings.

Richard Kellett's stack is growing by the second and forcing him into dreaming up ever more fanciful configurations of how to arrange them. We've has the good old-fashioned solid wall which gave way to an unusual portcullis effect, while he's now favouring a chip-based replica of the Pompidou Centre. He'd make a good florist.

Will Romaine is vying for the lead now with a shade over 200k, looking non-plussed as he riffles his wedge of blue 5k chips, in fact, he barely has room to reach his cards, never mind look at them.

Over on Table 4, Irina Liepina, has picked up where she left off yesterday, quietly hovering around the average, which currently stands at 92,500 with 83 players still sat down. Saying that, they're dropping like flies with glue on their wings.

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