UKIPT Day 1b - Porkpie!

UKIPT Day 1b - Porkpie!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Any opportunity to namecheck Desmond(s)

There's an unidentified player roaming the room in a pair of shorts, the total antithesis of our Polar Explorer from earlier, who has now unzipped his furry fleece to reveal a mane of shoulder length brown hair and the babiest face in the entire competition.

John Duthie has been sent on his way, as has the unfortunate Jan Schelvis, who has been replaced on Table 18 by the stocky figure of Chris Galagher (possibly sic), whose 35k seems destined to clash with Jeff Kimber's steadily rising towers.

Cory Desmond, who with his shaggy blonde hair and bold red t-shirt is surely an Aussie bartender in his spare time, has sneaked into the lead with an imposing stack of around 60,000 chips.

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