Friday, 12 February 2010

That's gotta hurt.


Eh? It's the final knockings of the 75/150 level, and that number just isn't something you expect to hear when walking past a table.

The board was 9-5-4 with a couple of diamonds, and it'd be fair to suppose
that Jan Schelvis was defending an overpair. Of course, there'd been some pre-flop argy-bargy between him and Darren Naylor, and the latter thought a while before caling.

A ten on the turn prompted the magnificently named Schelvis to do the
inevitable and jam the rest of his chips, and with a heavy sigh, Naylor called for his remaining 7,625. A cruel seven of diamonds floated down the river, and sent Jan to poker hospital where his chips are currently on life support.

Over on Table 24, Abed Eid has taken to standing on his chair whenever he's in a hand, and although there's not a massive amount in his mucky stack, he's does at least provide some chuckles with his flamboyant checks-in-the-dark and all-ins.

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