UKIPT Day 1b - Hot, Hot, Hot

UKIPT Day 1b - Hot, Hot, Hot

Friday, 12 February 2010


Table 9 is a fountain of entertainment. First of all, Gerard Harraghy is
dressed like Ernest Shackleton on a polar expedition, parka zipped up to his nose, and baseball cap shielding the rest of his face bar a couple of rosy cheeks and visible beads of sweat. He's gotta be absolutely roasting.

His neighbour to his left is Anh Le, who can riffle chips like nobody's business, ten green chips rising from each pile, all lthe while trying to make sure his mirrored shades don't slide down his nose

It's all very glamourous today, almost like Ladies' Day at Cheltenha. Sung Hee Yun has lost a minor fistful, while Michelle Orpe is holding court on Table 5, answering the inevitable questions about her TV schedule with an admirable insouciance.

Robert Acton has just left the building with a shrug and a wistful raise of the eyebrow.

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