UKIPT Day 1b - Hi-de-hi!

UKIPT Day 1b - Hi-de-hi!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Whatever happened to...

Best glasses of the evening go to Graham Hibbert, whose devilishly red-tinged frames give him a slight look of Su Pollard.

Someone else whose eyes are red for a different reason is Richard Kellett. His Aces were looking good in a 3-way all-in confrontation against 33 and QQ with blinds at 300/600/75a, that is until the Queen Of Hearts broke his on the flop, and left him with little more than crumbs. David Hindson being the recipient of an 80k pot and a shrug of the head from Kellett.

The Arctic Explorer is still sweating it out on around 25k, but looks like
he's about to faint at any minute. Michelle Orpe is still in, although her
situation hasn't improved at all.

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