UKIPT Day 1b - From Russia With Love

UKIPT Day 1b - From Russia With Love

Friday, 12 February 2010

He's not making it up

Adrian Burns stands out a mile on Table 16, mainly because his all-enveloping hood and hunched demeanour makes him look like a cross between a journeyman boxer and Mumm-ra. His box of Tic-Tacs sits impassive beside his 18,00o chips.

Tomas Burgers has just taken down a handy pot of around 10k, when his turned full house took plenty out of Robert Elkin, who mucked in a hurry when he realised that curiosity had gotten the better of this particular cat.

Similarly, Ian Nelson has bitten a sizeable chunk out of Anh Le's stack and spat it back into his own, when his rivered nut flush brought a 12k pot into his clutches.

Incidentally, Bluff has just been speaking to Len Readle, an exiled
Liverpudlian who now lives in Moscow. He won a seat-only package via, and was explaining that due to the Russian government's
crackdown on casinos, poker is now played live pretty much exclusively in home games.

Guess who plays in his? Ivan Demidov. Well, sometimes, but he does, so there.

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