UKIPT Day 1b - Chupdate

UKIPT Day 1b - Chupdate

Friday, 12 February 2010

It's a portmanteau, dont'cha know...

Cripes, we've already reached the break, it's absolutely flying by today.
Level 3, 150/300 is just underway, so it's time for our first chupdate.

Tomas Burgers is the boss of Table 17 on 23k, roughly the same amount as John Duthie and the saintly Vicky Coren. Jeff Kimber looks taut, mean, the perfect poker machine and has added 5k to his starting stack, while Surinder Sunar and Cat O'Neill - 8th in Galway - have plenty of time to get back the couple of thousand they've lost.

Andrew Peters is unsuprisingly heading the field on around 30k, even though his face is a picture of complete and utter surprise.

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