UKIPT Day 1a - Stop Making Sense

UKIPT Day 1a - Stop Making Sense

Friday, 12 February 2010

Typing in tongues.

I've just scrapped a piece which was going to go on the site because I wrote "he turned a river". I think it'd be fair to say that weariness is creeping into the media room here at the G Casino.

Julian Thew has just bid adieu, and although the frontrunner at this stage
would appear to be Chris Brammer, it's impossible to say for sure as his stack has been splattered before him like a water bomb, a decent collection of 5k chips resting on top of a sprawl of lower denominations. He's wearing chunky headphones and something we'll likely be counting up tomorrow, a beard.

Samantha Allan, who has been delicately nursing a short stack since the word go, is more cheerful than her 15,000 chips should allow, although her decision to fold Kings, correctly, on an innocuous flop some five hours ago, probably has something to do with it.

Rupinder Bedi is on 75k, the mad Irish fella 60k, and our very own Philip
Conneller is steadily retreating into his hoodie on 24k.

Last level of the 'day' coming up.

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