UKIPT Day 1a - "I'm a bit of a nutter"

UKIPT Day 1a -

Friday, 12 February 2010

Eyes down.

"C'mere, c'mere" an inebriated Irishman gesticulated to Bluff. "Write this
down, and it's the truth. I swear. I just raised to 1,800, and this guy shoved for about 10,000, and I called....with 7-2! I hit the seven, and well, y'know, I'm a bit of a nutter."

A nutter with 80k in front of him. Well, sort of splayed and sprinkled out in his vicinity, but 80k all the same.

There's plenty of push/fold being played by those who have been whittled away to the bare bones, and speaking of bones, Skull Guy is now rattling away with 25k after a spectacular implosion.

Some more entirely random chip counts include:

Neil Blatchly - 45,000
Shehbaz Hussain - 50,000
Alexander Yakimets - 45,000
Philip Conneller - 17,000

More fun and frolicks to come over the next two hours, so keep tuned in to - if you can technically tune into a website.

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