UKIPT Day 1a - Hot Water Music

UKIPT Day 1a - Hot Water Music

Friday, 12 February 2010

Race for the prize.

Sandro Rovella has been shown the door, his pocket 3s no match for the
combined strength of Lazarus himself, Rupinder Bedi's A6, and Benjamin
Eldred's A7. The latter was also all-in, an Ace on the turn and a sneaky red 7 on the the river ensuring that the Poker Gods had indeed been as kind as he asked repeatedly under his breath.

Julian Thew is in a bubbling cauldron of hot water, though. With the blinds now at an uncomfortable 600/1,200/100a, he's on 7,600, and despite his protestations that "well, at least I'm still in", he surely needs a sprig of good fortune to push him back into the pack.

Will Romaine on Table 13 might not have the most architecturally stunning
stack in the room, but he certainly has one of the biggest at 85k. A low-lying glut of blue 5k and yellow 1k chips are at his mercy.

Nobody has taken a decisive chip lead as yet, but those towers are building steadily.

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