UKIPT Day 1a - Clichés Ahoy!

UKIPT Day 1a - Clichés Ahoy!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

nh, gg, wp

The blinds are now 300/600/75a, and the first utterance of "sick" has been
heard. The culprit is local hero, Damien Gregory, who was skittled in two
hands by "a fish, a total fish", who chased a gutshot and then contrived to hit a flush while dominated.

Darren Fletcher might be reasonably bright eyed and bushy tailed for morning trailing now that he's been sent packing, too.

Someone else looking glum is Philip Conneller, and not just because I
erroneously misspelt his name a few hours ago. Although he's on a decent pile of 40k, he feels like a horse in quicksand and needs a boost to see him through the final few levels of the evening - talks of a pint are afoot...

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