UKIPT Day 1a - Chupdate

UKIPT Day 1a - Chupdate

Thursday, 11 February 2010

The runners and the riders.

Here's the lowdown on the high rollers in the chip update, or, for the sake of future brevity, chupdate.

Despite the presence of a ridiculously glamorous railbird for the guy to his right, Zahir Aslam is running over Table 15, his 50k+ stack arranged neatly and evenly over seven dominating towers.

Chip leader looks to be Mark Stott, whose beastly 75k has dwindled slightly to 65k after being rivered in the final hand of Level 6.

Our Hungarian chum from earlier, Attila Kovesi, seems to have stalled for the last few hours, and is rooted on a respectable 35k.

The first alternate of the day, World Cup Guy, is sitting pretty on 40k, while the still petrified Darren Fletcher is doing his best to fold to victory, although his dinky stack of 8k is still playable.

Our very own Philip Canneller is still locked away in the gloomy catacombs in the far corner of the room, but reports are that he's on a very grand 50 grand.

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