The Flood gate has opened

The Flood gate has opened

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Liam Flood has become the 1st Person Player i've seen today to have his Aces cracked.

Between feeling his heart and looking at his chest I managed to get the story from Liam of how he was eliminated.

He tells me it started a few hands before the final blow where Shane Crosby raises from middle position, he gets 1 caller by the time it gets to Liam on the button,He reraises to 2600 while Shane reraises to 6k.Liam then folds(for the first time in his life he tells me) AK.
He says hes sure Shane had KK.

The hand that was to be his last was when Liam raised to 1050 and got 3 callers,one of which was Shane Crosby.
Flop comes 10 6 3
Shane leads out 2500, Liam shoves, Shane "insta calls" as liam puts it and Liam's AA is no match for Shane's 10 10.

I'm off now to try and get you all some chip counts from some big names

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