Someone get Richie A bucket!

Someone get Richie A bucket!

Friday, 10 September 2010

I have just witnessed a very odd hand,Winner of the pot David Carbery has no real notion of how he's won.

Richie sitting in the cut off raises to 4,800 with AK.
David sitting on the button flat calls with 67d

Flop comes K 10 5 with 2 spades and no diamonds and Richie leads out with 7,200.David calls behind with 7 high and no real draw.

The turn brings a 9 which now gives David an inside straight draw and Richie bets 12.5k which David again flat calls.

You guessed it!

Flowing down the river is an 8 to complete David's straight and Richie shoves his remaining 20k in only to be snapped by David.

Richie stares in disbelieve (along withn the rest of the table) and its back to Cork for him.

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