Side Event mix up

Side Event mix up

Friday, 10 September 2010

Side event has just started and in the 1st level one table sees 2 eliminations in the 1 hand.

Michael Muldoon happily looks down to QQ and raises to 150.He gets a call from Yohan Mayur with AA only to be reraised to 550 by Frank Fox from the big blind with KK.

Micheal flat calls with his Queens while Yohan re raises to 2k with his Aces to find a caller in the shape of Frank.

Michael Ships for 10k, Yohan calls and Frank sure isn't about to pass.

On the K 4 9 board Yohan is given a glimmer of hope as he holds the Ace of clubs on an all club board but the K on the turn puts paid to his hopes and to the rails they go!

Meanwhile in the Main Event we're down to 93 players and things are tightening up quickly.

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