Quads Galore

Quads Galore

Thursday, 9 September 2010

We see another player hit the rails as Donal O'Connor shows us the luck of the Irish.

Standing taking a random chip count I notice a hand going on at a nearby table.

On a flop that reads Kc 8c 5d player in seat 5 bets out 800,Donal O'Connor raises on the button to 2025.
The Jc on the turns has the 2 boys going check check and the river pairs the board with the 5h.Seat 5 checks and O'Connor puts him all in where he makes a crying call only for O'Connor to table 55 for quads.
Seat 5 doesn't show but its the general consensus is that the poor man walking away had slow played his turned flush.

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