McCloskey shakes things up

McCloskey shakes things up

Friday, 10 September 2010

Mick McCloskey is packing double blows to a table thats just full of action!

Mick calls me over as I'm loitering around Vanessa Rousso's table.
He's just knocked out 2 players in 1 hand.

He tells me that the 1st guy to shove his 10k stack in the middle from early position had been jamming every second hand so when he jammed Mick wasn't surprised.

Mick calls with his AQ to see another shortie move all in and the cards are tabled to show Mick coming from the rear against JJ and 44.

Ace Ball

The Ace on the flop puts Mick in the driving seat and as the board bricks we lose 2 more players.

288 remain and it seems in the early stages of day2 they're dropping like flies.

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