Jay does it Galway syle

Jay does it Galway syle

Friday, 10 September 2010

As the start of day 2 gets underway in one of the 1st hands we see Irish Poker Pro Jay Renehan double up.

Utg is Colmn Hanlon who makes it 1600 to play and is flat called by Jay.
Action gets to the button who swiftly moves All In for 14,500.

after tanking for the guts of 3 mins Hanlon folds leaving Jay to come to the conclusion that this guy is on the squeeze here and Jay makes the call.
Hands tabled and Jay's right! AQ V 67
On a K 10 3 flop Aq is still holding and the Ace on the river seals the deal for Jay and he's now cruising on 35k.

good read Jay

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