Jacks get Jammed

Jacks get Jammed

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Frankie Carbin shows us why Aces are always our best friend!

As i'm wandering round the tables i spot a friendly face standing.Its that of Frankie Carbin.Middle position had raised to 300 and had promptly been reraised by Frankie in seat 3, Marc Macdonnell made up the trio on the button and we have a 3way flop of 9 4 3.

Middle position leads out for 2.5k and Frankie sets about making it 5300 total.Marc Macdonell folds quite swiftly while middle position tanks for a while.He ships his remaining chips only to be snapped by Frankie who holds AA while middle position holds JJ. Marc had the decency to leave it 'till after the hand to announce he too had Jacks.

The Main Event is now down to 584 Players with another hour of late reg to go.
Players have another 15 mins 'till the end of Level 2 when they shall have a 15 minute break.

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