It's all Tag Tag Tag

It's all Tag Tag Tag

Sunday, 12 September 2010

We lose Anton Kouliavtsev when his 2 pair get flushed out on the river.

Ciaran Taggart can do no wrong it seems! he's running better than an Olympic Athlete at this final table!

Folded to Anton in the SB he raises to 65,000 and Tag makes the call in the BB.

Flop comes Ad 10d Qs and its a check from Anton and a bet of 95k from Tag.

Anton reraises to 275k and Tag ships just to be snapped by Anton.

Anton Flips over AQc and Tag has Q9d.

2c on the turn and the flush hits on the river with the 4d and Tag scoops the loot!

Anton takes home €12,100

4 players remain

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