I walked into Aces!

I walked into Aces!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Donal O'Connor shows us how not to bust Aces

As I went in search of the chip leader I stumbled across Donal who had previously won a big pot with quad 5's.

The players at the table were urging me to ask what happened his stack to which Donal kept replying "I walked into Aces!" .
What he didn't mention was that this is the way the hand played out.

Player Anthony Young had a lost a massive 25k pot in the hand previous to him waking up with Aces on the button.
He raised to 1200 at which point Donal swiftly reraised to 4k from the BB.
Anthony calls and the board flops Jc 4c 5c.Donal ships for 30k and Anthony(holding the 2 black Aces) snaps him.Much to his delight Donal flips over 7 2 off suit with no club.

A few hands later Donal raises to 4k from early position to which the 1 limper Tony Cooney puts Donal all in for 6k and its a day the races with Donal having AK and Tony having JJ, There's no help for Donal and he joins the rest of the casualties at the rails.

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