Game,Set and Doh!

Game,Set and Doh!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Samad Razavi just picks up a cool 86k pot with Q 10

On a flop that reads J 9 4 i zoom in to find out what's going on with the betting.

Seat 8 had raised to 4,400 with his Q 10 off suit from middle position to see the BB flat and go to a 2 way flop.

occupant of seat 8 Samad Razani bet out 4,500 after the check from seat 2 and got stung with a reraise to the tune of 11,800.

Samad calls and we go to the turn at which the dealer throws out the 8d.
Seat 2 jams for 27k and is instantly called by Samad with his turned straight.

Seat 2 shows his JJ for a flopped set but when the board doesn't pair on the river Samad scoops the loot.

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