Cat's got the cream

Cat's got the cream

Thursday, 9 September 2010

It's Ladies day table 43 where Cat O'Neill just doubled up

Seat 4 raised to 150 and got a caller from seat 5.Cat reraises to 525 to see the original raiser fold and seat 5 call.

Flop comes 9 7 2 with two diamonds, seat 5 checks and cat bets out 900.
Seat 5 reraises to 2000 and cat calls.

The king on the turn causes seat 5 to lead out 2800 only for Cat to reraise to 6500.
seat 5 ships for 8000 on the blank river,Cat makes the call and turns up KK seat 5 bleakly shows 99 to leave himself with only 2100 behind.

Meanwhile if anybody does happen to spot our first elimination Paul Marrow please point him this way..... Hes supposed to be at the bar!

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