2 birds with 1 one Stone

2 birds with 1 one Stone

Saturday, 11 September 2010

On 2 different tables at the same time we lose 2 players

In a 3way all in we see Brammer lose 150k from his 400k stack and Andre Larrson hits the rails.

Arnoud Van Der Worf had AK towering over Larrson's AQ and poor Brammer is now priced in to call getting 3/1 wit J9d

Q on the flop shoots Larrson ahead but not for long when Van Der Worf catches up on the river with a King.

Meanwhile on another table we lose Stephen Dunnet who shipped his rag Ace with his remaining few chips and today luck was not on his side.

We're down to 2 tables with 18 players

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