"Tight Lag"

Friday, 10 September 2010

When the biggest nit at the table raises then shoves you have to wonder if your good right?

As told by the hysterical Tom Kitt

When called to the table i saw a towering stack in front of Ronan Gilligan and asked how much he had? he replied " haven't a clue but i need a smoke!"
Tom then eagerly pipes up that he shall explain what happened.

Ronan in seat 8 opens the betting for 5k and its folded into "the nittiest lady ever,she was cool with bracelets and sunglasses"
I'm told she has only shown 2 hands at the table. AA and KK.

Lady lag as we're going to call her as we didn't get her name,re raises to 15k and Ronan calls.Board comes J 10 2 with two clubs and our Lady Lag ships her remaining 35k and Ronan calls revealing AQ.

Lady Lag is ahead (it seems most of the table know this apart from ronan)
with 88 but not for long as the Ace from space hits the turn and Lady Lag hits the road! Just after she gives ronan some abuse!

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