UB COO Paul Leggett responds to questions about cheating

UB COO Paul Leggett responds to questions about cheating

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

While Ultimate Bet, now re-branded as UB, has settled its encryption and cheating issues on the Cereus network, there are still many in the poker community with unanswered questions about the events that occurred between 2004 and 2008 and saw over $22,000,000 stolen from high stakes players.

Unanswered, that is, until now – COO Paul Leggett has posted a blog responding to questions about the scandal that took place, confirming that “no individual who has been linked to any cheating works for Tokwiro or any of its subsidiaries” and also that “none of these individuals have an ownership stake in our company or any company that we have debt obligations with.”

Leggett said that he took the position of COO at Ultimate Bet when the Absolute Poker investigation had just finished and the Ultimate Bet investigation was “around the corner”.

He provided a list of individuals associated with the cheating including WSOP Main Event champion Russ Hamilton, who Leggett stressed was the ringleader of the scandal.

“Some people have a hard time believing that Russ was the only person involved in the cheating. The truth is that all of the data facts pointed to him,” Leggett said. “The cheating was occurring from places where Russ lived and worked, the money was being moved through accounts he controlled himself or through people who reported directly to him or his close friends. The accounts and usernames were created/adjusted by people who worked directly for him, etc.”

In total, $15,000,000 was paid pack to players who suffered at the hands of Hamilton’s nefarious scheme. At the time this was believed to cover the total amount stolen but it has since been discovered that the total was $23,000,000.

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