Turn losses into wins with Badbeat.com

Turn losses into wins with Badbeat.com

Friday, 8 June 2012

Senior Poker Analyst at Badbeat.com Phil Wise continues his quest to turn our losses into wins and in this month's issue of Bluff Europe, turning his attention to non showdown performance aka "The Red Line".

Focusing on areas such as the importance of blind defence and stealing the Wise explores the reasons why C Betting every flop will ultimately lose money.

"Be careful not to bluff calling stations that will never fold to a C-bet." He also emphasises how 3 Bet pots are key and how attention should be paid even when not in the hand,” said Wise.

The key to improving “The Red Line” is aggression. "You should be looking to thin value bet the river more".

The full article can be found in this month's issue of Bluff Europe.

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