Trigg Takes Down GUKPT Blackpool

Trigg Takes Down GUKPT Blackpool

Monday, 11 November 2013

Rick Trigg may have found himself watching from the rail for a brief time on Day 1B of this year's GUKPT Blackpool main event but that didn't stop him making a monumental comeback. Taking full advantage of the tournament's reentry structure, the Sheffield native showed he's made of solid stuff and after racing through Day 2 he found himself at the head of yesterday's chip counts.

Sitting ahead of the likes of Charlie Denton, Ian Simpson and Peter Charalambous on Sunday's final table, Sheffield's man of steel showed his resolve as those around him fell.

Indeed, with the chip lead changing hands multiple times it was Dan Pope who first felt the sharp end of negative variance when his As Js lost out to Trigg's set of tens on an 8c Ah 6h Th 2s board.

Now down to eight players the tumultuous action continued but whilst the likes of Adam Forsyth, Kevin Steele and Majid Khan fell by the wayside, Trigg remained amongst the leaders. With three grinders now just a few pots away from the title it was John Miller who made the first misstep when his bluff against John Haigh went horribly wrong.

Left with a smattering of chips after his failed move, Miller was out just a few hands later leaving Haigh and Trigg vying for the top prize. Sensing each other's intent, the two players decided to discuss a deal and within a few minutes the money had been split down the middle.

Having dissected the money all that was left to do was play for the trophy and £2,000 seat in the GUKPT Grand Final. At this point in the tournament it was Trigg who reasserted his dominance and, after 45 minutes of chip swapping, he finally clinched the title when his 7c 9h was enough to top Haigh's 2s 4c on a 7d 3d 6c Ah 9d board.

GUKPT Blackpool Final Result:
1st – £53,000 – Rick Trigg*
2nd – £53,000 – John Haigh*
3rd – £27,600 – John Miller
4th – £16,400 – Caicai Huang
5th – £12,400 – Kyle Hendry
6th – £10,200 – Majid Khan
7th – £7,900 – Kev Steele
8th – £6,200 – Adam Forsyth
9th – £4,600 – Dan Pope
*Denotes a deal

There's £400,000 guaranteed in the final Main Event of this year's GUKPT season at the Vic from 21-24 November. Qualify online at Grosvenor Poker

Image courtesy of GUKPT.

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