Trickett wins huge $2m Macau pot

Trickett wins huge $2m Macau pot

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sam Trickett tweeted earlier this month that he had won the biggest pot of his career while on a trip to Macau. Details were pretty sketchy but the Titan Poker pro said that he would write about the hand at a future date.

True to his word, Trickett has taken to his blog to flesh out the details on what turned out to be a monstrous $2m hand, and that's US$2m, not HKD$2m . The hand in question was in a three-handed game with the blinds at $10k/$20k (around US$1,900/$3,800). The button, “a good aggressive player” according to Trickett, opened to $60k ($7.7k) with the Nottingham man three-betting to $220k ($28k) with Jd10d. The “loose aggressive” big blind made the call, as did the original raiser.

The flop was 5-4-3 with two diamonds on board. Sam checked his flush draw then called the big blind's bet of HKD$440k ($56k), as did the button.

The turn was the 6d which all three players checked. The river was the 2h, putting a made straight on the board. Trickett once again checked, the big blind bet HKD$2.2 ($283k) and the button made the call. Rather than simply calling, the Englishman went all in for HKD$7.7m ($991k) and after a lengthy tank the big blind eventually made the call. The button, who said he had a seven, eventually made a very good lay down. All told, Trickett was able to scoop a mammoth pot of around HKD$16m or $2m US.

So why did he go all in rather than simply call the river? “Sometimes I could just call here but because the way the hand had been played out and I knew the other 2 players in the pot were capable of calling light and they were also aware that I could bluff in this spot as everyone checked the turn.”

Trickett also revealed that he's been on the wrong end of some pretty sick action too. “It’s actually not the biggest pot I have played and I have lost a few pots bigger than that where I took some nasty beats but it was certainly amazing to win my 1st big pot…” Amazing indeed.

Read more about his Asian adventure here.

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