Tre Azam wins Crestbay Poker Challenge

Tre Azam wins Crestbay Poker Challenge

Friday, 17 June 2011

The gaming industry's finest locked horns in the final of the Crestbay Poker Challenge at the Fox Poker Club last night but in the end it was someone from outside the gaming world who took the honours.

Tre Azam, a former contestant on The Apprentice, proved he was more adept at navigating his way around the poker table than impressing Sir Alan by taking the title. After ten weeks of qualifiers Azam defeated a line up that included players from Hyperion Gaming, mfuse, Bwin.Party, Hendon Mob, The Fox Poker Club, Soccer Millionaire, Inspired Gaming as well as our esteemed editor Philip Conneller.

Philip obviously thought it just wasn't cricket for a poker mag to take the title (well that's the only reason we can give for his early exit) and left it to the others to slug it out.

Azam bagged himself a seat in the £300 Fox Poker Club Main Event for the win as well as a chunky trophy and extensive bragging rights.

The full results were as follows:

1 Tre Azam
2 Tom Maddox
3 Robert Butt
4 Nick Van de Weyer
5 Josh Roberts
6 Tom Sampson
7 Aferdita Pacrami (Hyperion),
8 David Galan,
9 Philip Conneller
10 Adam Cotier

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