Townsend Runs Well

Townsend Runs Well

Friday, 9 November 2012

Brian Townsend used to pray he’d run well at the poker table but over the last week he’s been looking to run better than he’s ever done before.

After embarking on a mission to run 155 miles across the Sahara Desert in five days, Brain has been dedicating a large portion of his life to getting in the best shape of his life. Taking part in the RacingThePlanet series, Brian began blogging about his experience a few months ago to chart his progress.

"This week I ran 70 miles in mostly soft sand with a 20lbs pound pack, except for today when I took 15lbs pack. Next week I want to do 80 miles in sand. Then I am going to dial it back to 60 miles as I have had three big weeks. Then up to 85-90 depending on how I feel. Then hopefully get two 100 mile weeks before I start a two week taper."

After months of dedication he finally crossed the finish line earlier this week and not only did he manage to complete the incredible challenge, he finished an extremely respectable 78th place out of 116 runners.

Having not only achieved a state of physical fitness, Brian described in his most recent post that he’s experienced a profound overall change in his life.

“As I finish this up I am getting teary eyed. If you are reading this considering doing something like this I would say go for it. I don't know what your journey will be but I bet it will surprise and change you.”

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