Topless tournament busted in America

Topless tournament busted in America

Thursday, 21 January 2010

If you’re running a poker tournament in an city where the legality of such an event is shall we say questionable, advertising topless dealers probably isn’t the best way to sneak it under the radar of the local constabulary.

Organisers of The Grand Rapids Poker Club made just that mistake though. As well as the promised food, drink, topless dealers and poker, the players also got a visit from the Michigan Police Department.

Local law enforcement officials found out about the event after it was advertised on online listings site Craig’s List. “That’s how it came on our radar screen, they were so open about it," said Lt. Schram of the Michigan State Police. "These topless dealers would perform different aerobic exercises. Twister games for tips, Jello shots for tips."

A total of 20 people were arrested at the event, including four topless dealers, one of whom was completely nude.

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