Top poker pro makes cameo on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Top poker pro makes cameo on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

If you’re partial to an evening with misanthrope extraordinaire Larry David on US sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm then you may well recognise a very familiar face in a forthcoming episode.

We won’t spoil the cameo appearance but will just say look out for the man in the background when Larry is at the restaurant having a meal with Cheryl in episode 8.

The player in question confirmed that he won the role in a charity auction and is a huge fan of the show. The cast of Curb are no strangers to poker either. Cheryl Hines who plays Larry’s estranged wife, defeated Erick Lindgren and Humberto Brenes in a TV tournament and has played at the WSOP. As has co-star Jason Alexander who is best know for playing George Costanza in Seinfeld.

With talk of Rounders 2 in the air, maybe the mystery man is putting a marker down for a repeat role.

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