Tony’s Baltic Nosebleed

Tony’s Baltic Nosebleed

Monday, 18 February 2013

Tony G was almost nursing a €1.5 million nosebleed over the weekend after tangling with Kings Casino owner, Leon Tsoukernik.

After agreeing to play a €2K/€4K PLO heads-up match against the casino mogul, Tony soon found himself being swept away on a wave of gamble as the blinds were kicked up to €3K/€6K then €5K/€10K.

While Tony undoubtedly had the edge when it came to experience, Leon managed to enjoy a rush of cards and after two days of action he found himself €1.5 million in profit.

However, with Tony’s plane about to leave, he put in a final push and managed to reverse his deficit. Describing it as like something from a movie, Tony eventually walked away from the game a €300,000+ winner.
Whether Tony and Leon plan to resume their high stakes battle is unknown, but it would certainly make for some interesting action if they do.

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