Tony G tops poll of successful Lithuanian businessmen

Tony G tops poll of successful Lithuanian businessmen

Monday, 23 January 2012

Tony G has proved he has the heart and commitment and that he’s qualified and all that jazz in Melbourne, making the final of the $100,000 Challenge. The fact that he can afford that tournament is reflected in another win of his recently.

Lithuanian financial publication Ekonomika held a poll of 44 successful Lithuanian businessmen and Tha G topped the field. The PokerNews magnate won Business Beacon of the Year, so-called as he is a shining light to other businessmen.

“I try to spread the light. I’m not afraid to support the men's basketball team during its difficult moments. I kept faith, spread the positive energy and produced impressive results,” said Tony when asked what made him an inspiration for many Lithuanians.

And of course any mention of Tony G gives us an excuse to play this.

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