Tony G set to stake Isildur1?

Tony G set to stake Isildur1?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Isildur1 may not have had the rub of the green in his latest high stakes encounters but that hasn’t put off one potential benefactor.

Writing on his blog, motormouth Aussie Tony G said, “I have had a few conversations over the phone with him and I really love the kid. He is like me 15 years ago. I just wish I had as much talent as he does," he said. "He can play the world's best on eight tables and he only learned PLO about eight months ago. Anyway, it is likely I will stake him in some big cash games in the future, this is what I do after all. I like to give people a chance in life to do well.”

Guoga has revised his opinion on the identity of the mysterious Tolkien lover too. He originally claimed that it was Viktor Blom but has since amended that view saying, “I know who he is, no doubt. I also have to say that earlier I was guessing and I will never reveal who he is from here on out. I think it's more exciting for everyone, leaving the mystery as a mystery.”

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