Tony G resumes verbal battle with Hellmuth

Tony G resumes verbal battle with Hellmuth

Friday, 18 May 2012

Tony G has taken to his blog to fill us in on his latest exploits in the the high stakes games in Belarus, the forthcoming WPT Championship and the strange antics of a number of the naughty poker playing South Korean monks.

Of course a Tony G blog post wouldn't be complete without a rant about Phil Hellmuth and sure enough, his latest is no exception. The big mouth Lithuanian/Aussie hinted that PartyPoker are about to unveil a new sponsored player at the Bellagio this week, but there's one currently patchless player who won't be bagging the deal.

G wrote “I can tell you who it will not be though: it is not Phil Hellmuth, he’s only qualified to be my dog walker! Please note he isn’t qualified enough to walk Zasko though – the muzzle to protect the brat from the guardian of my empire could never be big and strong enough.”

You can read the full rant here.

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