Tony G declares war on France in run-up to WPT Paris

Tony G declares war on France in run-up to WPT Paris

Monday, 31 January 2011

As expected from Tony G’s blog at PartyPoker, there is some controversy. This time his target is “all those French fishies” as the World Poker Tour returns to Paris next month for the WPT Paris and European Poker Awards at the Aviation Club.

“I’m not even one of the world’s best players but I’m a one man donkey squad ready to get my jaws into all those French fishies. In terms of poker nations I would argue that France is right up there with Russia competing for the title of the country with the world’s worst poker players,” said Tony G on his blog. Anyone who has seen his scathing attack on Ralph Perry and Russian players will know that he doesn’t make that statement lightly.

“Think about it,” he asked. “Which French players have had a Napoleonic influence on the world poker circuit?” We could point out the success of David Benyamine, Arnaud Mattern or Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier but against Tha G we’ll just keep our mouths shut.

Tony G has reason to hang around at WPT Paris, anyway. The European Poker Awards are taking place and Tony is up for the Rob Gardner Memorial Award for Poker Personality of 2010. Should be an easy win, though from Tony’s tone he seems to think the WPT itself will be easier.

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