Tony G and Phil Hellmuth in triathlon showdown

Tony G and Phil Hellmuth in triathlon showdown

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tony G and Phil Hellmuth in speedos isn’t really an image to set the pulse racing. We’ll get to see both of them in their swimming togs next week though as the pair have agreed to take part in special triathlon at WPT Malta. Sponsored by WPT Poker, the arch rivals will be facing off in basketball, swimming and bike-riding contests.

“I suggested these three disciplines and am surprised Phil accepted them," said Tony G, "It’s not as if I have been at the Olympics with the Lithuanian National basketball team is it? I have the edge in basketball. He may have a chance at the bike-riding though because he is sent on his bike frequently. As for swimming, unless he is attached to the backside of Michael Phelps like he usually is I feel I am favourite.”

The bad blood between the pair has gone on for a long time now, with many entertaining TV incidents between them on shows such as The Big Game and The PartyPoker Premier League.

“Swimming, bike-riding and three-point shooting sound good to me, although I’m pretty rusty,” said Hellmuth who’s a big pal of Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps. “I loved Malta last year and am looking forward to going back again especially as we are doing some cool stuff like a triathlon!”

The side bets on the event will be finalised on-site with more information to be released nearer the time.

Players tuning into the final table live stream on Thursday, September 20th will be in for a treat, as both Phil Hellmuth and Tony have committed to calling the action with Jesse May starting at 2:30pm CET on We will have to wait and see if Jesse will be able to keep the peace between them during the coverage.

You can see what a typically confident Tony G had to say about the contest below.

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