Tony G Tells All

Tony G Tells All

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tony G isn’t known for holding his tongue. Indeed, if you ask him a question he’ll usually give you a straight answer. That attitude has lead to him completing a Reddit-style “ask me anything” via Twitter recently.

Prompting followers to “ask Tony” the questions flooded in over the past three days with users asking Tony everything from how much he’s won in a single cash game, to what his first business was.

The open interview was one that not only shed a little more light on Tony’s personality, but gave some direction and inspiration to those in the community.

Here are some of the more interesting questions and answers:
“@TonyGuoga how did u get into business/what was your first business? #asktony
@Jonny_fox78 @PartyPoker #asktony my first business was washing car windows at red lights in Australia”

“@TonyGuoga @partypoker #asktony will you ask @Phil_hellmuth to be godfather to your next child?
@CriticalMass369 @PartyPoker @phil_hellmuth #asktony - no such plans”

“@TonyGuoga @PartyPoker What's the biggest score you've had in a cash game? #asktony
@Dandaman_29 @PartyPoker #asktony $5 million”
“@callum_jacobs @PartyPoker #asktony I am a businessman first. I recommend people that poker should take up no more than 20% of lives”

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