Tony Bloom takes over at Brighton and Hove Albion

Tony Bloom takes over at Brighton and Hove Albion

Thursday, 21 May 2009

As can be seen from the story above there is no shortage of sportsmen who have made the move to the poker tables. Not many have made the journey in the opposite direction but Tony Bloom has done exactly that.

In a Victor Kiam style move, he loved Brighton and Hove Albion so much that he decided to invest £93m in them. Bloom, dubbed the 'Lizard' for his cold-blooded style at the tables, has become the major shareholder in the club and will become chairman.

He is the third member of the Bloom family to sit on The Seagulls’ board and has lofty ambitions for the League 1 side. "I want to see the club build on the momentum under our newly-appointed manager Russell Slade. I am determined to see us back in the Championship as soon as possible. I want to fulfil the dreams of so many of our great fans just as my grandfather Harry Bloom did in the glory days of the 1970s with Brian Clough, Peter Taylor and Alan Mullery."

Bloom, whose tournament winnings run into the millions, made the majority of his fortune through sports betting and via the sale of his bookmaking firm Premierbet in 2002.

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