Tom Dwan thrashes Sammy George in London

Tom Dwan thrashes Sammy George in London

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Tom "durrrr" Dwan's live 500-hand challenge concluded in London last night - after losing a marginal sum (well, $22,500) to "luckexpress" and winning $68,000 from Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies, he destroyed Sammy George to earn $750,000 and give himself a near $800,000 profit for the three sessions.

The two played a $10,000 7-2 prop bet as seen on GSN's High Stakes Poker and NBC's Poker After Dark - if a player wins a pot with 7-2 then he earns $10,000. Dwan got $400,000 on top of that when he moved in on the river of a huge pot and showed the ultimate bluff when Sammy folded two pair.

"I don't think I played too well today, I just think I happened to get a bunch of hands, like I don't think Sammy played badly he just happened to be on the wrong side of some tough spots," said Durrrr. "It's easy to look like a genius when you have the best hand every time, and easy to not look like one when you get beat every hand.

"I caught a lot of hands tonight, he made a bunch of folds to me and all but one of them was right. He made a few pretty tough folds like when he had a pair of kings and I hit the flush on the river, I thought he played really well that I saw at least. He happened to make one big fold that was wrong but it was a pretty impossible call there - I am bluffing with any hand I get to the river with that isn't a pair or better, but it's so rare that I get to the river without a pair so his fold is pretty reasonable and I would make the same fold just about every time."

Dwan saw the match end with over a million dollars in front of him - George was down to less than $100,000 in the dying hands of the match and shoved bottom pair. Obviously, durrrr looked him up with A7 on the 974 board and held to take his stack to the seven figure mark.

"I'm a bit disheartened by the loss and I know a lot of people thought I would lose but when it airs people will see a different side to the result," said businessman George.

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