Tom Dwan responds to the Lederer Files

Tom Dwan responds to the Lederer Files

Thursday, 27 September 2012

In July, Tom Dwan said "I'll do a long interview or blog detailing who to rly thank and some random stuff" in regards to the Full Tilt / PokerStars deal.

Nothing much came of it, but Durrrr has now taken to Twitter, to tell the world his thoughts on Howard Lederer’s recent PokerNews interview and Andy Bloch's grilling from blogger Diamond Flush.

Durrrr was largely in agreement with what was said in both interviews but did have some major reservations. The Full Tilt related tweets can be seen below.

Dwan Tweets

Follow anything else Durrrr has to say on the matter by following his Twitter account.

Lederer's TwoPlusTwo interview on their Pokercast should be available today, and he will now also be speaking to Diamond Flush later this week.

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