Tom Dwan loses $320,000 to jungleman12 in durrrr challenge

Tom Dwan loses $320,000 to jungleman12 in durrrr challenge

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Daniel “jungleman12” Cates put in the first challenge session of 2011 yesterday and boy was it a big one. The two played almost three thousand hands in a six hour period with Cates winning over $50,000 per hour to increase his total lead in the challenge to an all-time high of $819,213.50 with 17,108 hands played.

The two started off with Cates up just over half a million dollars after a late six-figure comeback by durrrr in the dying weeks of 2010. However, Dwan could not break through Cates’s defences and despite coming back to even for the session on no less than three occasions he wound up losing a hefty sum.

Their biggest pot gives you some idea of how Dwan was running, though – after calling a 3-bet pre-flop with 4h-5h he must have been delighted by the Qc-8h-6h flop and more so when the Kh hit the turn and the pot was already $50,000. However, when the money went in Cates turned over Jh-2h for the higher flush and took down the $217,000 pot.

Now the challenge lies at 17,108 hands played over the course of 15 sessions. Over a hundred million dollars has been wagered across the course of the challenge so far with Cates leading by $819,213.50. Remember, he needs to be ahead by only $1 or more in order to win the $1,500,000 side bet from durrrr; conversely Dwan needs to make a comeback and get ahead to win an extra $500,000 from Cates.

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