Tokwiro issues statement on CEREUS security leak

Tokwiro issues statement on CEREUS security leak

Thursday, 20 May 2010

There has recently been something of a security scare on the CEREUS network, made up of popular poker sites Absolute Poker and UltimateBet. Tracking site PokerTableRatings discovered an encryption flaw that could potentially have compromised players’ login details.

“Our priority is our players, and providing them with a secure online poker environment,” said Tokwiro Enterprises Chief Operating Officer Paul Leggett. “The implementation of the Open SSL standard achieves this for our players, and we will continue to conduct rigorous verification tests and submit to third-party audits to ensure our entire operation is secure.”

The flaw in the algorithm could have allowed a third party to access a player’s account remotely, potentially to steal money or to view the player’s hole cards. However, Tokwiro assure their players that the flaw has been fixed by implementing Open SSL standard encryption.

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