Todd Brunson's $5 Million Showdown

Todd Brunson's $5 Million Showdown

Monday, 26 January 2015

Todd Brunson, son of Doyle and one of the original members of the Corporation that once took on Andy Beal in an ultra-high stakes match, was in action against the billionaire once again on Saturday.

Although not open to the public, poker pro Kyle Loman was able to rail the action from a vantage point just outside Bobby's Room. According to Loman's live tweets, Beal anted-up with more than $6 million in chips and when the betting started the stakes were set at $50,000/$100,000.

Those sorts of limits are rarely seen inside the most famous poker room in Vegas these days, but as the two players battled back-and-forth the tension was palpable according to Loman.

Presiding over the action (and seemingly someone with a stake in it) was Doyle Brunson and throughout the match he watched as his son went on a run that secured him a solid lead over the well-bankrolled businessman.

According to Loman's reports, at no point was Beal able to wrestle the lead from Brunson. In fact, at his lowest point, Beal was more than $8 million down and looking likely to refill. Fortunately, he was able to enjoy a mini-rush himself towards the end of the session and ended up clawing back a few stacks.

By the close of play, Brunson reportedly raked in $5 million. However, given Beal's tenacity in the past, it's unlikely that's the end of the ultra-high stakes action. Although Brunson may not be willing to engage the skilled amateur in another heads-up showdown, there will likely be someone keen to ante-up for a few million this week.

In fact, we're pretty sure that someone has already alerted Phil Ivey to Beal's presence and we wouldn't be surprised if he's already plotting his next move.

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