Tito Ortiz Antes-Up at the PCA

Tito Ortiz Antes-Up at the PCA

Friday, 9 January 2015

Former UFC light heavyweight champion and current Bellator MMA fighter Tito Ortiz recently took part in a Q&A session at the PCA.

The king of the octagon was happy to oblige the media requests for an interview, but he wasn't there just smile for the cameras.

Despite being an amateur, Ortiz managed to win his way to PokerStars Caribbean festival legitimately. After taking part in a charity tournament for Lupus LA, the MMA star managed to bob and weave his way past a field of 200 runners to secure a seat in the PCA's Main Event.

However, since he's in town, Ortiz was happy to sit down and field some questions about his experiences at the poker table. Although not the most technically minded approach to the game, Ortiz explained that he is a competitor and that's allowed him to have a small amount of success at the felt.

As well as talking about his career, Ortiz agreed to host a training session for anyone willing to put them through a fitness regime designed for a professional fighter. Taking place on the beach and starting at 10:00 am, the promo might be a little too energetic for some but for some of the more energetic players it's certainly a great opportunity to train with a pro.

Image courtesy of Neil Stoddart @ PokerStars blog.

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