Thor Hansen's Cancer Update

Thor Hansen's Cancer Update

Monday, 27 January 2014

Two years after being handed the biggest bad beat of his life, Thor Hansen is now feeling "stronger than ever" according to a recent Facebook post.

Despite being told that his colorectal cancer was in the latter stages and had spread to his lungs, Thor remained resolute when he first heard the news in 2012.

Now it seems that Thor's strength has helped him defy the odds (the prognosis of the doctor who told him very few people affected live past two years) as he was recently sipping cognac and coffee to celebrate his life.
Apparently the Norwegian pro has undergone 110 doses of chemo since his original diagnosis and the staff at Ullevaal Hospital have been fantastic over the last two years.

Although Thor is by no means in the clear he's certainly faring better than anyone could have predicted and for that reason he wanted to thank those in the community who've supported him and wish him well. We hope the run good continues.

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