Theo Jorgensen vs. a Penguin

Theo Jorgensen vs. a Penguin

Thursday, 22 November 2012

PokerStars pro Theo Jorgensen only not only likes to scoop chips in high stakes PLO games but in wacky prop bets as well.

His much publicised boxing match with Gus Hansen certainly earned him a reputation as someone that’s willing to try his luck at any pursuit someone wants to wager some money on. Indeed, with almost limitless cash and bundles of confidence he almost found himself in an impossible race he almost certainly couldn’t have won.

In his latest blog post the Danish player describes how a discussion with a zoo keeper at a baby shower led to him taking seven pairs of shoes to an ice rink in order to practice sprinting.

After enjoying perhaps one too many drinks, Theo said to his animal loving friend: “It's amazing how fast these penguins are in the water and how slow they are on ground.”

Throwing down the gauntlet she replied by saying: “You would be surprised, Theo. I would bet you that our fastest penguin would outrun you over a short distance on ice.”

With that a prop bet was set much to the dismay of Theo’s girlfriend who took the time to analyse some points that her boyfriend had clearly overlooked: “who do you think knows most about the speed of running penguins? You or her?”

Did Theo manage to scoop the bet? Or did he catch a lucky break and save his pride?

Read the entire post and find out.

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